REALTORĀ® Selling Luxury Kitsilano Homes & Condos

Recently we listed a beautiful townhome in Kitsilano’s Kits Point. As you know, most of the homes, duplexes and townhomes in the area are mostly considered luxury homes. As top Kitsilano REALTORSĀ® no strangers to marketing and selling luxury Kitsilano homes. We were obviously excited to showcase the results from our premium Vancouver real estate marketing.

This particular townhouse had a number of features we wanted to amplify, in hope of creating value and fetching a high price for our seller. After all, that’s what we’re hired to do. For this new listing we focused on location, premium quality of development, layout, outdoor space, along with the view of water & mountains. The plan was to use these features to create value, and position our listing as a luxury Kitsilano home. By doing this, we would sell for top dollar

Fast forward three weeks, the suite has sold for a record breaking price per square foot. We achieved over $1600 a foot for a townhouse. Often selling luxury Kitsilano homes can take time to find a suitable buyer. In our case, we sold quickly, which i’m sure the owners appreciated. So ultimately we sold for top dollar and quickly. We feel these two facts have direct correlation to our premium Vancouver real estate marketing.

3 Effective Reasons For Premium Vancouver Real Estate Marketing When Selling Luxury Kitsilano Homes

  • Maximize your property’s value: Premium Vancouver real estate marketing can maximize the value when selling luxury Kitsilano homes. Or possibly better said, perceived value can be increased using premium marketing techniques. This can be important as with a lot of expensive homes in Kitsilano, these properties are unique and difficult to compare to other homes. For this reason it’s difficult to easily justify value. It’s all about highlighting features to communicate value. As you recall from above we chose to fixate on specific property features to justify the top value we fetched.
  • Stand out in a competitive market: When selling luxury Kitsilano homes there are a couple things to think about. First of all, there’s much less homebuyers for luxury real estate. Just based on the sheer few buyers who can spend millions of dollars, the pie you’re marketing to is much smaller. Secondly, there is fierce competition within the expensive home market. Our premium Vancouver real estate marketing helps a property stand out from others on the market. We don’t want to miss a buyer to anther listing in the area. It might be months before another willing and able homebuyer comes along.
  • Increased exposure and visibility: It’s important to attractive the right homebuyers for every expensive home. Through the marketing we can communicate what features the home boasts to spark interest from the right pool of buyers. Also, luxury homebuyers often have specific channels for seeking out luxury real estate in Vancouver. Our marketing is designed to target affluent buyers through the right channels. Premium Vancouver real estate marketing can increase exposure and visibility.
Selling Luxury Kitsilano Real Estate

Selling Luxury Real Estate?

We’re top Kitsilano real estate agents who are well versed in selling expensive real estate of all types. If you’re planning on selling a home in Kitsilano, we’d like to hear from you. We’d like to be your Realtors and manage the marketing and sale process.

Look forward to hearing from you, contact us here.

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