Real Estate Statistics Fall 2022

The fall market is now upon us and Jacob, Kitsilano’s top Arbutus Walk realtor, has some predictions about Vancouver real estate. Here’s his real estate statistics for fall 2022. Let’s start off by talking about the latest real estate board statistics which were recently released, that would be for August 2022. It’s been the continuing trend for the past 6 months. The housing market is becoming more balanced between buyers and home sellers. There is something to keep in mind based on the real estate statistics for fall 2022, houses seem to be the least active property type. Condos, townhouses and duplexes remain fairly active. In other words, houses may experience the first price adjustments. Arbutus Walk condos & townhouse values should remain stable.

The real estate statistics for fall 2022 highlight a slowing market due to higher interest rates and a changing world economy. A more balanced real estate market in Greater Vancouver is welcomed by Jacob and his team. He explains, it’s a more comfortable housing market for both buyers and sellers. Real estate remains liquid and buyers have the time to do their research, entertain inspections and organize their financing. The buying and selling process is less frantic.

Some predictions are presented in this market update. Based on the real estate statistics for fall 2022 prices will not be going up in the last quarter. Instead we will experience downward pressure on home prices, mostly in the detached housing type. Over the next few months Arbutus Walk condos and townhouses may experience some slight price adjustments, but nothing significant. As mentioned above, Arbutus Walk real estate will be stable.

Jacob closes out the video by presenting his thoughts about real estate marketing in a changing housing market. It’s more important than ever to work with realtors who focus on presenting your home in the best light possible and providing premium marketing. Their realtor services include a component of preparing your home for listing on MLS. This includes decluttering, painting/fixing, cleaning, organizing and staging if needed. He provides an example. Recently they listing a home and went through the recommend process. The home looked fantastic and sold quickly, at a premium price. A month later, all the other homes listed at the same time remained on the market. Jacob makes some comments about how these other listings were presented poorly. The result is these homes did not sell and remained on the MLS.

Arbutus Walk real estate remains a premium location within Kitsilano, with unique features. It’s important to work with a real estate advisor who understands how to communicate all these wonderful features. An Arbutus Walk realtor also knows the target market and what type of marketing is appropriate. Based on the real estate statistics for fall 2022 condos and houses will be more challenging to sell going forward. Jacob & Jacky’s real estate marketing will ensure your home is found and noticed by potential buyers. Their real estate marketing will get your home sold.

Jacob & Jacky also remain busy helping home buyers purchase Arbutus Walk condos. Whether are searching for a 1 bedroom, 2 bedroom or townhouse within the Arbutus Walk community, you can count on their area experience. Jacob often states the uniqueness of the area. Without intimate knowledge of the neighbourhood, it’s difficult to assess value. If you’re not working with an Arbutus Walk realtor, your agent will have difficulty determining value and negotiating a fair purchase price.

Some buyers will be concerned about the real estate statistics for fall 2022. They will wonder if prices will continue to drop. Jacob still feels it’s a fantastic time for buyers to purchase. Arbutus condos are the premium real estate of Kitsilano, and will remain so into the future. As Jacob’s predictions forecast only modest downward pressure on condos and townhouses, buyers are in a safe position.

For all of your real estate advice for the Arbutus Walk community, reach out to Jacob & Jacky today!

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