Arbutus Walk Sold Listings

All sold listings in 2021

Spring 2022 is when a lot of condos are listed for sale in Vancouver’s Kitsilano neighborhood. These particular sales are focused around the Arbutus Walk area. We specialize in helping home sellers within the Arbutus Walk community list and market their suites. So, here you go, this is the list of sold listing data for 1 bedrooms, 2 bedrooms and 3 bedroom condos in the neighbourhood. Hopefully this information will help with your personal research. If you would like a professional assessment of your suite, visit our Arbutus Walk Realtor page.

Sold 1 bedrooms

There were about 65 sold 1 bedrooms in 2021 within the community. You’ll find all the sold listings from January 1st 2021 to end of December. Kitsilano’s Arbutus Walk primarily consists of 1 bedrooms, with 2 bedrooms coming a close second. So, sold 1 bedrooms make up the bulk of sold listing data.

Arbutus Walk Sold Data, Sold 1 bedrooms

Sold 2 bedrooms

Here’s the full list of sold 2 bedroom suites in the area for 2021. Same as the 1 bedrooms, 2 bedroom units come a close second in numbers. The community is mostly made up of these variants, with limited 3 bedrooms and townhouse style properties.

Arbutus Walk Kitsilano Vancouver Sold 2 bedroom Condos

Sold 3 bedrooms

Below you’ll find all sold 3 bedrooms for 2021. Throughout the year there’s usually a limited supply of larger suites and townhouses. The full list consists of 8 sold 3 bedrooms in 2021. We have not provided the sold data for townhouses but if you need more information, don’t hesitate to reach out.

Arbutus Walk Sold Data, Sold 3 Bedrooms

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