Arbutus Walk Realtors driving electric cars

Having a career in real estate often means you’re meeting with homeowners, clients, or showing properties. Arbutus Walk Realtors driving electric cars is the topic of this video. The Arbutus Walk Realtor team are definitely busy agents, showing a lot of condos and houses in the Kitsilano and Greater Vancouver area. What comes with the territory of being busy with lots of appointments? Being on the road for many hours driving to all those appointments. Jacob & Jacky talk about going green and driving EV’s for real estate.

In the video Jacob talks about meeting and spending time at client’s homes. In doing so, Jacob & Jacky are introduced to furniture, art, gardens, electronics and cars. They started taking note of how many of their clients were switching to electric vehicles. Jacob & Jacky also started to learn about some of the benefits of EV’s.

3 reasons Arbutus Walk Realtors driving electric cars is a game changer

  • First of all, the gas savings are absolutely amazing. At the time of this writing, no one would have guessed fuel prices would be so expensive. Realtors are driving all over the city and most spend hundreds of dollars a month on gas. EV’s completely eliminate the need to ever stop at another gas station. This is likely the most apparent reason for these Arbutus Walk Realtors to go electric.
  • Going ‘green’ and doing your part to reduce pollution is always a good thing for the planet and beautiful Vancouver. Jacob & Jacky have adjusted many of their processes to reduce waist footprint. Some examples are, reducing their flyer marketing, and printing less paper in general. They have also employed digital signing which reduces the need to physically drive to meet clients for signatures. With the adoption of driving EV’s, pollution is absolutely reduced when there is a need to drive.
  • Lastly, there’s not only a cost saving in gas but also car maintenance over time. It’s a known fact that driving an electric car for real estate will dramatically reduce the cost of vehicle repairs. Electric cars don’t have all the moving parts as does gas vehicles. EV’s don’t have the same cooling, exhaust and transmission systems. Plus, electric cars have electronic assisted braking. The need to replace brake pads should be reduced over the years of ownership.

Arbutus Walk Realtors driving electric cars

Connection with clients

Jacob & Jacky are motivated to save money and reduce pollution for their personal reasons. Though Jacob did comment about how many of their clients share a similar outlook when it comes to the environment. Many of the residents of Kitsilano and the Arbutus Walk community enjoy the area because of their connection to parks, green-space, trees and the ocean. Jacob does hope some of their clients take note of their efforts to be more environmentally friendly.

These Arbutus Walk Realtors driving electric cars have received a lot of positive feedback about their recent car choices. It’s obviously not a drastic shift in business practice but ever little bit does count!

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